Here I am in the Snow at Lake Fenwick Park on December 20, 2008 - my sister Alia is always liking to take pictures of me it seems.




Hi this is Luke.

Exciting things that are happening in school now is, in science were building our family tree, in social studies I just did a power point about Chinas Gobi desert the animals that live there are mainly wolves and Oxen but there is also a rare form of leopard living in the Gobi desert. In language arts we’re doing this huge book report due on January the 21st .

I started taking a form of martial arts called Jujutsu, it is pretty cool.
The website address is:

The book I’m reading right now is called Stoneheart, I’m also reading King Of The Wind.

I had a great summer - first I went to Disneyland with my Nana and Papa, then I also went on a fishing trip in Canada with Dad in Bella Coola then camping up in Wyoming at Big Sandy and finally a camping trip with my mom.

Merry Christmas.

Me Playing Baseball...

...and it was a Homerun!

Here's my Uncle Clif and my Dad in Papa's Airplane

Dimitri flew his plane up from Texas for Fathers Day!

Big Sandy Trip this Summer.

Grandpa Paul, me, Dad, Alia, Dimitri, Lacey and Aunt Kim

Here we are in Bella Coola - me, Grandpa Paul, Dad, Dimitri and my Great Uncle Bill!
What a blast we had.