Blue Origin - I have been working on some fun engineering challenges and I got to help put together the annual video again, something that I've found that I really enjoy doing.

Last Summer (2007) the kiddos and I went up to Big Sandy and we were joined by my dad, my sister Kimberly and her daughter Lacy, my friend Dave and his sons Shawn and Kyle, my friend Steve, his father Steve and his son Ryan. We rented horses to pack our gear in and out and had a great time camping, fishing and visiting. Pic on Luke's page.

This past Summer (2008), Lucas, Dimitri and I joined my dad and my uncle Bill for our biennial fishing trip out of Bella Coola, British Columbia. We had a great time on Capt. Kim's boat - the Tortuga, for a week of deep water fishing along the BC coast. Dimitri got the largest fish - a 70 pound halibut, and the largest salmon - 40 pounds. We got our limit on everything except for salmon and halibut and had fun. We saw pods of whales and dolphins, we saw a mother grizzly bear and her two cubs and generally had to battle crappy rainy weather the whole time. Pic on Luke's page.

Clean Current - I've done a lot of engineering analysis and review, we've put our updated turbine back in the water at Race Rocks and it's running great. It has been operating successfully at tides exceeding 7.5 knots - something no other tidal turbine has accomplished, and is powering the island.

How cool is this ?!

Preparing to install theTurbine at Race Rocks


Down she goes!

We are in negotiations with some major global players and are expecting some serious investments at the start of 2009!

Here's my backyard garden at the start of Spring...

...Summer - full bloom


Beauty Shot


But here's what my back yard looks like now...

We have received almost 2 feet in the past 2 weeks... this may not seem like alot to some folks - but it's the most we've seen in the Seattle region in over a decade


And... I'm not thrilled to be shoveing snow either.

Here are my other best girlfrinds - Natsha and Litsa.
Blonde, Brunette, Redhead - I like a variety...