Singing... yep - still doin it.











The last couple years have been quite interesting to say the least - all in all progressing in a positive manner and we certainly cannot complain when you consider how tough it is for many people right now - we are actually very fortunate.

Our business EarthSpa is now EarthSpa Health Traditions and it has developed some offshoot companies - Cupping Therapy Associates and The International Cupping Therapy Association, that have taken on separate roles and responsibilities.

EarthSpa HT is now in charge of R&D, equipment design and manuafacturing of Cupping Equipment and Biomagnetic Applications. It oversees the activities of the other two companies.

Cupping Therapy Associates is the educational workshops we're up to our necks in. We have over 150 workshops scheduled in the States, Canada, the UK and Australia for 2009. I have several new collaborators and instructors and the course offerings have grown from 1 workshop to 16 in just this last year.

ICTA - is the International NPO supporting Cupping Therapists and Educators Worldwide. We have quite a healthy amount of members and coordinate with 10 International Cupping Educators from the US, Poland, United Kingdom, Malaysia, Sweden, Russia, Canada and of course Australia.

All very exciting - but my greatest joys are the equipment developments, protocol R&D work and the incredible team we have put together. Our Cupping Educators are not only great at what they do - they are are genuinely excellent people with sincere mutual respect for each other. I'm also proud to say we sell the only borocillicate facial cupping set called Belletazze, an aspirator bulb apparatus called EarthSpa Bells and the first Artisan FireCups anywhere. We also carry Rubber Cups and 2 different Biomagnetic Cupping sets.

As you can imagine these activities have consumed most of my time - but I do alot of travel and sneak in a little down time now and again on a few of those trips.

Last December I left my band of many years - The Epics, and am now working with my best friend Litsa on vocals, her hubby Stefan on lead guitar, our old bass Buddy Ronnie Dalesio and Collin McLarin on Drums - on a new project that covers a powerfully dynamic 80+ song list of covers from the 60's through present day. We will be in full swing by mid Spring. We will be targeting the Casino circuit, high end conventions and company parties (maybe a wedding now & again).
I am really looking forward to cutting loose with this project (make making some good dinero) as my other "activities" are stressful and constant.

Here are some pictures of different things - see captions...

Have a safe and wonderful Holiday Season and a healthy, happy, prosperous 2009.



Our Cupping Equipment Line


Some of the new Artisan FireCups

Part of our Cupping Crew at the
2008 AMTA Conference in Phoenix:

Clockwise - Mark, Bruce, Lu, Suzy & me

Our Booths

Bruce & I doing tandem Cupping on a lucky attendee - this guy had the biggest, dopey smile on his face when he got up.

Tired Bruce taking a break at the end of one day

Bruce's visit to the Grand Canyon - he fell in LOVE with America - now wants to move his family here - go figure.

Here's our little girl - Zhara...

...and our Maine Coone - Montana

yes... this is actually 2 cats

Jules & Verne

Dumb & Dumber

Verne actually out weighs Jules by about 8 lbs